You may also select any of the following Functional Groups or Titles available, and we will provide you with detailed counts and availability. You can also specify any other titles or functions you want to reach in Pharmaceutical Companies.

Senior Executives & Ownership

President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chairman, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Principal, Vice President (VP)

Senior Business Management

Business Manager, General Manager, Business Director, Business Group Manager, Business Unit Director, Operations Director, General Director

Senior Marketing and Sales Management

Vice President Marketing, Marketing Director, Sales Director, Product Director

Marketing and Product Management

Senior, Brand Manager, Senior Product Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Product Coordinator, Product Specialist, Assistant Product Manager, Assistant Brand Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Assistant

Pricing Management

Pricing Administrator, Pricing Coordinator, Pricing Manager, Pricing Associate, Pricing Assistant

Advertising and Promotions Management

Advertising Coordinator, Advertising Manager, Promotions Manager, Promotions Coordinator,Events Coordinator, Promotional Materials Coordinator, Media Planner, Media Buyer, Media Executive

Regulatory, Medical Information and Government Relations Management

Medical Information Manager, Scientific Affairs Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs Manager, Medical Services Manager, Government Relations, Government Affairs

Senior Customer Service Management

Vice President Customer Service, Vice President Client Services, Client Services Director,Customer Service Director, Customer Relations Director

Customer Service Management

Client Service Manager, Client Service Coordinator, Client Service Representative, Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Coordinator,Customer Service Manager, Consumer Care Manager, Customer Relations Manager, Customer Service Agent, Customer Service Supervisor, Customer Service Head, Customer Service Team Leader

Education Services Management

CHE Manager, CHE Coordinator, Educations Services Director, Health Education Manager, Health Education Director, Educational Event Coordinator, Continuing Education Director

Business Planning and Intelligence

Business Analyst, Business Planner, Business Intelligence Manager, Business Information Manager, Business Consultant

Business Development Management

Business Development Manager, Business Development Director, Market Access Manager

Senior Account Management

Vice President Accounts, Account Director

Account Management

Account Coordinator, Account Executive, Account Supervisor, Account Manager, Account Planner

Creative Management

Vice President Creative, Creative Director, Production Manager, Production Coordinator

Project Management

Project Manager, Project Coordinator

Senior Communications Management

Vice President Corporate Communications, Vice President Corporate Affairs, Communications Director, Corporate Affairs Director, External Relations Director

Communications Management

Communications Coordinator, Communications Manager, Communications Officer, Communications Specialist, Communications Leader, Corporate Affairs Manager, Media Relations, Corporate Communications Manager, External Relations, Public Policy, Public Affairs, Public Relations

Pharmacy Relations and Programs Management

Hospital Initiatives Coordinator, Hospital Initiatives Manager, Trade Coordinator, Trade Relations Manager, Trade Business Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Pharmacy Services Director, Professional Relations, Pharmacy Initiatives Coordinator, Pharmacy Initiatives Manager, Pharmacy Initiatives Director, Pharmaceutical Programs Manager, Pharmacy Affairs, Pharmacy Program Development

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Manager, Employment Coordinator, Human Resources Coordinator, Recruitment Manager, Recruitment Coordinator, Professional Development, Professional Recruiter, Recruitment Officer

Senior Human Resources Management

Vice President Human Resources, Vice President Recruitment, Human Resources Director

Logistics Management

Logistics Director, Logistics Manager, Logistics Coordinator, Logistics Planner

Research and Development Management

Medical Officer, Scientific Officer, Scientific Director, Medical Director, Research & Development Director, Clinical Director, Research & Development Manager, Clinical Project Manager, Clinical Development Coordinator

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